Creating content may seem difficult to many business owners, but the more difficult challenge is properly promoting the content once it is published. Similar to products and services, just because the content is on your website does not mean people will automatically read it. The most important thing to do with your content is publicize it!

But how? 

When establishing your content creation plan, think about where your readers spend their time. Is it social media? Do your readers prefer video? There are several outlets where you can publish your content to get it in front of the right people with the best message. Think of content promotion on several channels as working smarter, not harder. You can use the base content with simple, specialized messaging tailored for each audience without having to create new content.

Content Ideas:

  • Q&As and FAQs
  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Product Reviews
  • Customer Testimonials

3 Options To Promote Your Content

There are several outlets you can utilize to promote your content. We are going to discuss three options today along with how these specific outlets help with SEO.

1. Website

Of course, your website is going to promote the content you create. It is easiest to publish content as a blog post on most websites and it offers a great space to easily organize each post into a custom category. But there are other places on your website where you can promote your content to ensure it gets in front of the right consumers. 

Typically the homepage of any website gets the most amount of traffic. You can easily create a custom banner or spotlight section on the homepage to publish your content. Utilizing attention grabbing graphics and a clear call to action button, you can drive traffic directly to your content pieces. 

If you have dedicated service or product pages, they offer the perfect space to promote related blog posts. For example, you own a heating & cooling company and your website promotes the different services you offer, including AC repair. You can link specific blog posts regarding AC repair on the service page. 

How does this help with SEO? 

Internal linking is important for SEO and promoting these posts on your own website is a perfect way to achieve several internal links. Routine updates and additing quality content to a website is important for search engine ranking. If you are going to start blogging, it is recommended to publish it on a regular schedule, like every or every other week.

2. Social Media

Social media platforms are a great place to promote your content and to get your message to people who already like your business. We have said this before, but it is worth saying again.. It is best to be on a few social media platforms really well than to be on all of them poorly. This is especially important when you are using different platforms to promote content and drive consumers to your website. 

Different social media platforms require different messaging. Facebook will allow you to link directly to your website within a post where Instagram requires the link to be posted in the bio. Pinterest might require a more attention grabbing graphic so it doesn’t get lost amongst the masses. LinkedIn is the perfect outlet to get in front of professionals and is often missed as a promotional outlet. 

No matter where you post your content, social media is often the easiest promotional option. Since so many businesses use social media already, pushing your blog posts creates more content for social presence. 

Driving quality traffic to your website and giving them quality content to consume is certainly going to help boost your SEO.

3. Email 

Email is a unique space to promote the content you have published on your website. Unlike social media or directly on a website, email offers a less flashy or in your face feeling for the consumer. 

Newsletters or email blasts will put your content in the mailboxes of so many readers. Likely you have an email list and if not, it is easy to set one up. We recommend MailChimp to our clients  because they offer a free option if you stay under a certain number of subscribers. If you regularly correspond with clients or customers, add your most recent content to your email signature. You know people are reading your emails and if the topic sparks interest, likely they will click on the link. 

Again, driving quality traffic to your website will help your SEO and rankings. Think about starting an email newsletter to promote your content. Other email options for sharing your content include drip campaigns, product promotions or updates, confirmation emails, thank email, and signatures.

Have Questions?

Owning a small business comes with a lot of responsibility and marketing can add even more to those responsibilities! If you have questions on how content creation and promotion can further support your business, contact SharpFinn Creative today. We can help you assess your business and determine if blogging is a good option for you and where you should promote your content. Our team also offers professional blog and copy writing to increase your SEO. Schedule your consultation today!