Pay Per Click Management

How many billboards do you pass every day?

If you don’t know, neither does the company who manages those billboards. Google Ads offers the perfect alternative to traditional advertising at a fraction of the cost.

SharpFinn provides professional Google Ads support for small to medium-sized businesses wanting to increase their reach and get the best use of their marketing budget. Whether you are starting fresh or need support updating our current campaigns, we can help!

Why Google Ads is a Great Solution for your Small Business:
  • You can start with any size ad budget. We have worked with clients who spent less than $5 / day and achieved great results!
  • Results are almost instant. You will start seeing results from your ads within 24 hours of us enabling your campaigns.
  • You can see exactly where your ad dollars are spent. Unlike traditional advertising, we can see exactly where your dollars are spent and adjust whenever necessary.
  • Consumer targeting. Google gives you the option to target very specific consumers. This is to ensure your ads are getting in front of the right people.
  • Drive conversions on your e-commerce website. Google is incredibly effective for driving conversions on website, all of which can be tracked to the Google Ad that caused the conversion.
  • And so much more! Let’s discuss your marketing goals and we will put together an action plan to get the most out of Google and your budget.


Monthly pay per click plans are based on your monthly advertising budget and start as low as $100 per month plus 10% of your ad spend per month.

Included in each plan is set up or evaluation of current account, keyword discovery, custom ad creation, landing page recommendations, and detailed monthly reporting.

Request a quote today to see what we can do for you!

Your One-Stop-Shop:

Our goal is to be a partner with our clients that will help them with all their marketing needs, so we offer a variety of services to our clients. With SharpFinn, the size of a business is no limit for the impact it can have. These are the services and add-on services most commonly utilized by our website clients:
  • Brand Identity - Whether your current logo needs a make-over, or you don't have a logo in the first place, we have you covered.
  • Social Media - We can help you brand your social media pages to match your new website, or help you manage your accounts.
  • Website Design - Your brand message speaks loudest when it is consistent between print material, digital presence, and even social media.

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