Blogging is an essential part of marketing that any small business can easily implement. While many bloggers use their platform to express opinions, tell stories, and showcase their life, a blog can do so much more. For a small business, a blog has several benefits that can increase lead generation and sales. 

Many small business owners file blogging under the “too expensive” or “if I had more time” categories. They do not often think about how a blog can increase consumer confidence, support SEO growth, and provide excellent content for their social media and newsletter. 

Still not sure if a blog is for your business? We’ll walk you through our top reasons why you should add one today!

Top 5 Reasons To Add A Blog

1. Increase Website Traffic

One of the best ways to increase website traffic while also increasing your SEO is to start blogging. Search engines value websites that provide quality content and will rank these websites higher than others. The more content a website provides, the more the search engine has to crawl & index and serve to users. Additionally, blog posts can easily be shared, driving more traffic to a website. Backlinks are a great source of quality traffic to a website and are great for SEO to increase search engine rankings. 

2. Strengthen Integrity

To help a business tell their potential customers that they are a trusted source, a blog can be very useful. A blog is a place where a company can write about topics they are passionate about and to share useful information or tips. You know you are a trusted source in your industry, but does your website portray that? Adding a blog is a great way to showcase your value to potential customers and increase sales.

3. Social Sharing

Blog posts are a great source of content for social sharing. Whether a business shares the entire link on Facebook, a little snippet on Instagram, or adds it to their newsletter, a blog post creates a lot of opportunity. As always, linking to the website will drive additional traffic and give consumers the chance to buy a product or submit a lead form. Adding a blog to your website creates great opportunities for social and newsletter sharing. 

4. Showcase Services

A website can easily showcase the services a small business offers. However, to keep the website clean and functional, images and video are often limited. For example, having 100+ images for one service page is simply too much and will likely never be looked at. By adding a blog, a business can easily share several photos or a video of specific projects while showcasing their services. Similarly, a blog can demonstrate products for businesses who sell tangible goods. 

5. Your Customers Want It!

If your business gets a lot of questions around the same topics over and over again, it is a sign that your business is in need of a blog. Instead of always sending the same answer to each customer, adding a blog post to answer the question and sharing the link is much easier. Additionally, you will be driving more traffic to your website and increasing the probability of future sales. Not only will adding a blog free up time from administrative tasks, it will support future growth and SEO.

Add A Blog Today

Adding a blog creates a great space for small businesses to showcase their work, answer customer questions, and build trust with their consumers. A blog also provides plenty of social content and can increase traffic to a website. Having a strong call-to-action strategically placed throughout the blog post can encourage lead generation and sales. 

Don’t have enough time to blog yourself? Let SharpFinn Creative help you! Our team is experienced writing blog posts for a variety of industries and increasing organic traffic month over month. If you are ready to take your business to a new level, contact us today! We’re happy to schedule a call or grab a cup of coffee to discuss what we can do for your business!