A website is often considered the front door to your business that is open 24 hours a day. 

If you are a business owner ready to update your website, you likely know you have a few options when it comes to the design. Many marketing companies and web development firms will say a templated website design will be great for your needs. While this is a cheaper option, a custom designed website is likely the better choice. 

Custom websites require a little more investment, but can help your business stand out among the competition. We’re taking a deeper look as to why a custom design website is optimal and why it is worth the added expense over a template design.  

6 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Custom Website 

1. Helps The Business Stand Out

Your business is one of a kind, so why shouldn’t your website also be one of a kind? A custom built website will be unique to your business meaning it will not be like any of your competition. Template websites are often referred to as “cookie cutter” because they look and function the same, just with different content. If you want to really stand out and above the rest, a custom design is for your business. 

2. No Creative Limitations

A custom designed website is exactly that, custom. Website developers have the ability to alter the website to fit your needs and wants, unlike a templated website. Working with custom website developers, you have no creative limitations. Your website should be unique like your business and tailored to your customers. This is made possible with a custom designed website. 

3. Greater ROI

A custom website is created and tailored completely to your business and how it can best serve you. With a custom website, there is the added ability to optimize for conversions, giving you a greater return-on-investment. Templated websites are designed to appeal to a larger audience and typically do not offer the ability to be changed. You will likely receive a greater number of conversions, whether it be sales or leads, with a custom built website. 

4. Opportunity For Future Growth

One of the best features of a custom designed website is it can grow as your business grows. New pages can easily be added to help transform your website to fit with your business. There is the opportunity for additional information, service pages, products, blog posts, and so much more can be added. A website that accurately reflects everything a business encompasses and the brand, the more likely a customer is to convert. 

5. Continued Support

Hiring a design firm to build you a custom website will come with the benefit of individual, continued support. As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities and a website can add additional stress. Having a dedicated design team available to support you and make updates to the website is a huge positive for a custom built website. They do all of the work and manage it all while you take care of other important aspects of your business. 

6. It Fits In Your Budget

A common misconception about a custom website is they are expensive. In reality, a quality design firm will be honest with you and build you a website that fits into your budget. We are not saying a custom website will be as cheap as a template, but it will be worth the added cost. Like we said before, a custom website has the ability to grow with  your business and your budget. If you do not have too much available for a website, start small and build it as you gain new customers.

Get Noticed With A Custom Website

A website is one of the best ways to gather leads, build a business, and make more sales. To get the most out  of your website, consider a custom design over a template. It can help your business stand out among the competition and offers a greater ROI. The creative freedom of a custom website allows it to be tailored to your needs and you have plenty of room for growth. Hiring a design firm also comes with continued support once the website is live. Finally, consider a custom website because it will fit into your budget! 

If you are ready for a new website for your business, contact SharpFinn Creative today. We specialize in custom design websites for small businesses across the US. Our website packages are designed to bring as much value to your business and provide monthly support.