What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of increasing the quality & quantity of traffic to your website by continuously improving your site to make it relevant. The more qualified your website content and pages are to a user, the more likely they are to show towards the top of organic search engine results. Your ranking will be influenced by you, the search engine, and the user, or person doing the searching. 

How Does SEO Work? 

Like we said above, your ranking is influenced by three things: you, the search engine, and the user. Each of these influences pull information together in order to serve the best result for the user. 

Let’s start with your website. You list specific information on your website to share with the user what your business is, services you offer, and items you specialize in. This is where the search engines come into play.  Each page of your website is then crawled by search engine bots who index the content. These indexed pages are then analyzed by the algorithms when a user starts a search. The user’s search history and profile will also contribute to the results they are shown. 

So, producing relevant information and being the “answer” will help you rank and hopefully gain clicks, which in turn, will further help you rank higher and higher. Organic search rankings cannot be bought like paid ads. 

Confused yet? 

Not surprised! It takes a lot of research and time to fully understand SEO then add even more time and energy to execute an effective SEO strategy. Small business owners tend to think they do not have the resources to compete with “the big guys”, but search engines luckily do not take the size of a company into account when serving search results. 

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